Welcome to our regular new feature – an ongoing and hopefully captivating collection of scripts that will tell a little more of our great Cabo story.

This new series of interviews aims to share with our club community stories and insights from the people who make our club a success.

Each long-read interview is perfect for your weekends and will reveal more about the dedicated volunteers and staff whom the club is so lucky to have.

Further information may be obtained from Fergal Young, on 087 206 4418.

Let’s hope that you enjoyed part one of the great Noel Mulhall story below and that you couldn’t wait for this concluding section. Enjoy!

Olivia Kavanagh – June 14, 2020
Yesterday, our interview was mainly about his history coaching and managing various local clubs and of course the Ladies Irish team for six years. Now, back to Cabo, apples and views from his football friends, players and fellow coaches…

Our first interview recounts the footballing life and times of a wonderful Cabo legend – none other than U-11A manager, the great Noel Mulhall

Olivia Kavanagh – June 12, 2020
Noel Mulhall, aged 82 and currently manager of the Cabo U-11A boys team, is a charming, well-travelled, fabulously groomed and dapper gentleman who generously agreed to this interview and regaled us with stories of football over the last 70 years.

In a sunny garden…

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