Age Group Co-ordinators have a key role to play in the life of Cabinteely FC and in the experience, hopefully pleasurable and developmental, that each player will have had by the time he/she leaves the club. These coordinators oversee all member and team activities for those club members in each age group.

The co-ordinator’s key task is to be familiar with all club players in his/her own age group and be conscious of the need to support individual players, team coaches and managers in ensuring that players receive relevant coaching, playing time at the appropriate level and any additional support, including welfare-related, that might be required.

If any player, parent or guardian has any concerns about their experience in Cabinteely FC, please discuss the matter with the player’s team’s coach or manager in the first instance. If there is a need to take the matter further, please feel free to call the appropriate Age Group Coordinator or send an email for his/her attention to

The club’s Age Group Co-ordinators for 2020/21 are as listed below.

Group Born Co-ordinator Contact Number
U-4 to U-7 2014-2017 Contact office 01-235 4343
U-8 2013 Tom McGuirk 085 777 8065
U-9 2012 Jamie Brennan 087 647 4377
U-10 2011 Cathy Ledwidge 086 890 2435
U-11 2010 tba tba
U-12 2009 Kirsty O'Neill 087 908 8607
U-13 2008 Michael Galvin 087 230 4005
U-14 2007 Tom McGuirk 085 777 8065
U-15 2006 Keith Montgomery 086 870 0010
U-16 2005 Tim Kinsella 086 813 7512
U-17 2004 Nico Azzariti 087 127 4594
U-18 2003 Roger Dunne 087 239 3045
Senior Ladies All Laura Ellard 085 754 3405
Special Olympics All Tommy Flynn 087 271 7475
Football for All All Jim Allen 086 063 0605

Last updated: May 3, 2021